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Only the Wao Kanaka trailer is available at this time. Full game was gifted to DOE schools in Hawaii. Scroll to learn more!

Explore and learn from stories of the past in order to affect the story of the future.

Set in contemporary Hawai‘i, Wao Kanaka is a first-person exploration and puzzle game based on Kānaka Maoli stories and knowledge surrounding the concept of "aloha ‘aina," or love for the land. As the player, you have always listened to captivating stories of the past that your Tūtū (grandmother) has told, but before she parts with this plane of existence, she leaves you with one final story: a story of the future.


​The mo‘olelo that she tells is based on all that she has seen in her lifetime as she knows that if humanity continues down this path, there will be no future to tell of. It is now your kuleana, your responsibility, to continue to learn from the past in order to rewrite Tūtū’s story of the future.​

The Journey: Ka Lei Milika‘a

In the summer of 2018, 17 talented kanaka maoli came together to form Ka Lei Milika‘a, the development studio that produced Wao Kanaka.


In collaboration with Concordia University we built Hawai‘i's first Aloha ‘Aina videogame that featured real legends and historical accounts that could educate youth about living sustainably and respectfully toward the land.

The collaboration was made possible by Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace (AbTec), Initiative for Indigenous Futures (IIF), and Kanaeokana.

The Game: Wao Kanaka (The Human Realm)

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