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Seasons won Best in Show in imagineNATIVE's LandJam+ Showcase! Experience is in post-production and moving to a new platform. Scroll to learn more!

Explore beautiful "glitch" landscapes to uncover poetic affirmations as you ponder your own season of life.


This point-and-click game of affirmations and vocal poetry combines four views from four indigenous artists on the varying seasons we each experience. Featuring gorgeous glitch photography, custom music, ambient nature sounds, and vocal poetry, Seasons of Life is a beautiful, thought-provoking and uplifting screen experience.

The Journey: Team Seasons

With only five days to come together and build an experience, our team members, Hexe, Craig, Justin and myself hit the ground running without ever knowing exactly "what" we wanted to put on screen. Instead of brainstorming the style of experience, the mechanics, or the platform of interaction, the very first thing we discussed were which season of life each of us were in. Interestingly, what we each described were four differing experiences that lined up with the "feeling" of four different physical seasons upon the earth. It got us thinking about how all of nature experiences different seasons in and out of sync with Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.


The experience almost came together on its own with everyone fully directing their own seasonal scene. No one person decided visuals. No one person wrote the poetry. Each team member formulated each of their own scenes and the result was an experience that won Best in Show, to our complete surprise. We didn't have the fanciest mechanics or 3-dimensional art, but we made something all of us loved and that's what truly mattered.

Seasons of Life - An Indigenous Poetry Experience

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