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EOK is a WIP for LINE Webtoon! This is a behind the scenes look at a scrolling webcomic platform featuring music and the ability to read modern comics in a linear format. Scroll to learn more!

Update! E Ola Koa is being currently adapted into a short animation series!


What we originally thought was going to be a serial comic experience ended up landing in the center of a netflix mentorship with a Netflix writer helping to workshop the screenplay in 2022! I could not be more excited for where this project leads, but expect updates to this page in mid 2023!

The Netflix Experience

The Netflix Animation Foundations program was such an amazing experience to have mentors working in the industry actually lay eyes on our work to take it to the next level. An uplifting part of this cohort was being able to network and form close bonds with other indigenous creatives while getting an inside look as to the world of producing animation for large studios.

Though I cannot give away much more, I can say that the experience was incredibly validating of my writing and my passions for meaningful stories. I hope to have an update here soon!

E Ola Koa - To Live On

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