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AlterNative won the Community Award in imagineNATIVE's LandJam+ Showcase! Further chapters currently in production. Scroll to learn more!

Playable game is only available on desktop. Please visit this page on PC to experience AlterNative.

AlterNative is the world's first Kanaka Maoli visual novel game!

Like your ancestors before you, you have traversed great distances to find a new home. It is now time to build relationships--not with people, as these novel games would normally entail--but with the Land.

AlterNative projects our indigenous past onto a future setting in the vast depths of space, hoping to teach others about revering and building a relationship with nature while understanding that it is a living ancestor--it is our ʻohana.

In Production: AlterNative - The Choice is Ours

​The Narrative: The Land is alive in more ways than one.

Without spoiling the story or giving too much away, with AlterNative, I wanted to impart the audience with one main lesson: that the land is living.


What the player does with that information is up to them, but along the way I hope it incites emotion, thought, and perhaps even a new way to view our current world while gaining an understanding of how many indigenous peoples already see it.

I hope that the prologue will intrigue you enough to want to discover more about this universe and the characters within, but above all I hope it sets you on a voyage of discovery within yourself.

Screenshot of a scene featuring a woman in celebratory pose, from the visual novel game, AlterNative.
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