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As an artist and a dreamer—creating is both my biggest passion and my greatest power. That power is fueled by a love of stories, art, and music.

But I am also fueled by a love for my culture and for indigenous peoples. The pictures scattered here are of people more than art because without these people there would be no art.


Creating helped me find my community, but that community helped me continue to create. For that, I hope my work encourages other indigenous people to not only make art and tell stories, but to make the meaningful connections that give those stories purpose.


Hailing from ke ana o Hina and ka papa moku o Hina, my ohana is rooted in the land that I was born to. With the ancient kalo patches just up the valley and family burials a mere stone's throw from my uncle's hale, my heart is settled deep in the soil of this ʻāina.


I am Maoli. I am indigenous. And that doesn't merely mean I stem from the first inhabitants of this land; it means that I have a familial relationship with it. It sustains me as it had sustained my people for generations. And I will go back to it just as my people had for generations. And when it sustains new life, it will be because I gave life unto it, just as I am thriving because of those who gave unto the land before me.



I'm just a simple storyteller making their way through the galaxy.

​E Pili Ana Iaʻu

About Me

ʿAʿohe ʿauwaʿa paʿa i ka hālau i ka mālie.

No canoes remain in the sheds in calm weather.

Cultural Initiatives

Creative Works

Hana Noʻeau

I continue my work because creating indigenous media means creating for and creating with this family.

Since 2018, I've worked with various forms of creative and interactive media to support the teachings and perpetuation of indigenous cultures and I've made amazing friends along the way.

This is the creative headquarters of Pōhaikealoha

who you may also know as Pōhai or Kea.

welina mai!

​I am a Kanaka Maoli creative that strives to bring native stories to life through collaboration and passion for not only our cultures and history, but for their longevity and projection far into the future.

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